Why is a Customer Journey Map Important for Companies?

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What is a customer journey?

Customer Journey is a process of a customer finding a solution for his problem or need or want. A customer who wants to buy software for his team to chat and share updates quickly.

A customer who wants to manage his monthly accounts online for his expenses.

A Customer who wants to attend a webinar to increase his personal productivity and take notes online.

Above all customers have different needs and looking for a tool to solve their problems.

One might find a tool from a referral email, one from searching online, one might hear from his friend's recommendation or one might discover it while using LinkedIn.

The route and interaction of a customer to end up buying from a business is called a customer journey.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering tools required to complete a task or work for the Internet workforce. To clear out the cloud, the software is delivered for customers to use from anywhere, anytime without costly maintenance, installing knowledge, and high cost of buying.

SaaS Tools like Slack, Outlook, Calendly, and Zoom help people to complete a task or work online.

What are the benefits of finding a customer journey?

$$$ for Business. Simple as that. Knowing where the customer heard about the business, how he ended up talking with a business, and what he needs to start paying for the product and service offered by the business is a gold mine

Collecting all the data to study customer journey helps SaaS business to put the time, resource and investment in the right place.

How to map a customer journey?

Every single touchpoint of a customer can be mapped. Like where, when, and what. We can divide the customer journey into different segments to understand the way the customer took to reach a business and become the customer for the business.

Lifecycle stages

Every customer will go through a lifecycle with a business from beginning to end. The stages can tell us what the customer is expecting from your business. (e.g. Customer with Opportunity/New customer/Customer)


What the customer experience with your business gives the business an advantage to understand what a customer is looking for and how can your business deliver the right information to turn the prospect into a customer.


A channel is a medium where a customer found the business and starts to engage or buy from a business. With Digital coming to customer use. Channels can be divided into Traditional Media and Digital Media

Traditional Media — Newspapers, magazine, tv ads etc..
Digital media — Facebook, Instagram, Searching online etc..

After the customer came from a channel, what experience a customer took to learn about the business can also help the business to understand what type of content to be given. Few examples are

  • Sales processes (e.g Incoming queries vs demo requests)
  • Way to the product (e.g Landing page vs onboarding)
  • Pricing tiers (e.g Free Trial vs Enterprise plan)
  • User-level segmentation (e.g Onboarding for partners vs. onboarding for customers)


Conversion events are the triggers to move from one lifecycle stage to the next (e.g. Demo Requested through a form to move from visitor to buying from the business) through a particular customer journey path.

Source: https://www.nngroup.com/

How to use it in Marketing?

To market a product your business needs to understand to whom are you talking. Is he a potential customer? Do we need to talk to, invest time, and put resources into this area that will give the potential to turn a lead into a customer?

After all your business doesn’t want to talk to a customer who is looking to buy a Nike Shoe when you are selling an Omega wristwatch.

Not one person can handle all the touchpoints in the customer journey. In each stage, there has to be an owner in the business to take care of the customer interaction.

At the same time, the owner needs to hand over the customer smoothly to the next stage without hassle.

If a customer signed up for free trial, It is the responsibility of the Digital Marketer to collect the information of the customer and pass it to the sales team to progress.

If a lot of customers are interested in Taking a demo in the first place before buying the product, then the Product owner should interact with the Marketing team to build a Free Trial version in all the communication and ads going out.

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Our Mission is to produce Outrageous Performance in Digital Marketing

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2Min Studio

Our Mission is to produce Outrageous Performance in Digital Marketing

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