Why Customer Experience is Important to Business Growth

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What is Customer Experience (CX)

In today’s age of the Internet, We (2Min Studio) have been reading about Customer Experience like a Star Trek journey which Businesses and blogs are talking about.

After reading what Businesses are talking about customer experience. We feel businesses are going far away from customers.

Customer Experience in simple words “How a brand or a company is engaging with a customer to solve the unfit jean or broken appliance or missed luggage on a flight and make the customer feel delighted”

Every customer will bring another customer based on the interaction of the first customer with the brand.

Customer Experience statistics in 2022

Every Single customer need to talk to a person when he has a problem with product or service from a Brand. But not with the chatbot

Half of the customers say that customer service from a brand is more important to them than a year before.

x2 times chances are higher that customer might pay more when his words are heard.

How Customers have emerged today?

Usage of the internet has bought a group of customers to talk to each other before buying a product or service.

  • 2000+: New Silent Generation or Generation Z.
  • 1980 to 2000: Millennials or Generation Y.
  • 1965 to 1979: Thirteeners or Generation X.
  • 1946 to 1964: Baby Boomers.
  • 1925 to 1945: the Silent Generation.
  • 1900 to 1924: the G.I. Generation.

The above classification of customers born in different years has different sets of expectations when buying a product from a brand. Gen Z will order food from Mobile, while Millenials will expect someone to talk to place the food order. Their experience of buying things has changed.

Most of ’em are internet users and they are talking on different forums, on Twitter, in focus groups, and on social media. Today, customers have different platforms to voice out their problems.

When the support from a brand is broken or unheard, The co. could lose a potential customer bringing another customer. When heard and supported on time and solved the issue. The chances of the customer going away from the brand are lesser. The choice is with the brand and companies not with the customer.

Today customers have multiple options and on top of that there is an interesting story of a customer will talk about in the last segment

What customers are expecting from a service or product today?

To talk to a person is as simple as that.

Human to human is how the business world has evolved. Machines and bots are just a tool to solve our day-to-day life. At www.2minstudio.com we don’t have any bots to address our customers. If customers are in trouble we get in touch immediately or they can contact us directly via WhatsApp or phone or email

For us, the customer is everything. Our utmost care is to keep our customers informed and resourceful. Everything else can wait. Because we are the ones customers need to talk to when they face issues.

In today’s case, we as a customer hear more bot voice than a real person addressing our questions. To get an answer to this Please press “1” and then it goes on and on.

Especially with banks and e-commerce services are horrible in customer service. Both of them are critical in addressing a customer. But from a service or company perspective, their customers are huge in number. The care goes down.

How Co. can provide support for a customer in Digital Age

To improve customer experience and build a community of people to interact with a business.

  1. Address customers with people, not bots
  2. Through Omnichannel experience.

What is omnichannel experience?

A customer bought a pair of jeans from the “Jingle Bells” online store. Later the customer finds that the jean doesn't fit.

Here is where the Omnichannel experience comes from. So the customer decides to return the jean by calling online support. But finds no use in talking to a bot. Now he decides to talk to the “Jingle Bells” store located nearby.

“Jingle Bells” should give the customer a jean of his choice through the store though he bought from the Online store. If at all the Jean is unused

This is where the omnichannel experience plays a huge role in improving the customer experience.

Omnichannel supports a customer in every channel of interaction a customer wants to interact;

Benefits of providing an Excellent Customer Experience

It can increase customer retention

It can boost the customer's lifetime value

It builds brand loyalty

It impacts brand reputability

It can give companies a competitive advantage

Story of a Customer turned into a Single Highest Stakeholder in a co.

We might have heard of the news that Elon Musk bought shares of Twitter with 9 percent in stake. Becoming the single highest shareholder in the company.

It all started when Elon asked Twitter to add an Edit button. Now Elon is a customer of Twitter. Twitter didn’t give a reply or take any decision forward. Elon finds the edit button might help a lot in case we tweeted something wrong.

He goes on to ask for a vote with everyone on Twitter, seeking an answer to his question. He creates a poll and asks his followers and Twitter

Elon Musk asking Twitter

After Twitter followers and fans cast their votes. btw “All this is happening on the Twitter platform.” Later on, The customer of Twitter, Elon decides to buy shares on Twitter.

The customer Elon Musk now turned into a shareholder, sitting on the Twitter Board of Directors.

Smart Customer rite?

Here is what we like to share.

All Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, You are here to serve people and people are here to buy your product. So don’t do any Bots stuff and lose the customer.

Take care of your customer and they will take care of your business.

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Our Mission is to produce Outrageous Performance in Digital Marketing

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